Wise Investment Builders Enterprises, Ltd. is an exceptionally skilled custom home building company with creative insight and design. We work closely with our clients to create their dream home.


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Bob Cler Wise Investment Builders

We are owned and operated by Bob Cler, a carpentry craftsman. He is recognized for his knowledge, creativity and ability to tailor a custom home to the customer's needs.

Bob began his career in 1978, working with a highly skilled European craftsman from the Old Country. He advanced to carpentry foreman for a mid-sized builder in Chicago's northwestern suburbs.


In 1986, Bob formed Wise Investment Builders initially focusing on room additions and remodeling customers' existing homes in Elmhurst, Buffalo Grove and the surrounding suburbs.

By 1988, customers were expressing interest and desire for Bob to use his design ideas and expertise to build their "dream homes".


Bob's natural artistic abilities and superior carpentry skills have enabled him to fulfill his customers' dreams. His open communication with the customer throughout the project, facilitates a pleasant experience along with a warm and friendly working relationship.



Shelly, Bob's daughter, grew up around residential construction and was often given odd jobs to do on the job sites. She has always enjoyed the work and being a part of the projects. Now she is working as the office manager and is learning the ins and outs of the fieldwork with the goal of becoming Bob's business partner. Shelly graduated from Baylor University with a MS in Engineering in 2016. She is passionate about design, enjoys working with people, and loves trying new things.       

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Shelly Cler Wise Investment Builders


Celso, a trusted and valuable employee, has been with Wise Investment Builders for 15 years. He has an active presence at our job sites. Celso's role is innumerable from providing job site maintenance, to managing material inventory, to on site communication. We receive frequent compliments on how clean and organized our job sites are, and we have Celso to thank for that. He takes pride in the work he does.

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Celso Wise Investment Builders